About the Innovation Village

There’s a great deal to discover in the Innovation Village / OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen!

The Innovation Village has been created to present, introduce and provide access to new ideas available in the Outdoor Market.  Nowadays there are so many large, middle-sized and small firms displaying at exhibitions and important innovative brands and products are often overlooked.

Large companies with the best positioned stands naturally attract the most attention.  We would like to turn things around by providing the young talented firms with the opportunity to display on a prominent platform.  The aim of the Innovation Village is to introduce interested trade visitors to some of these innovative brands and products.  The first Innovation Village was hold  from july, 15th to 18th 2015 at the OUTDOOR in Friedrichshafen –  discover eleven young exciting new brands in the friendly atmosphere of the Village.

Learn more about the members here:

About the Members
Our Concept

The aim of the Innovation Village is to present young attractive labels together in one common area within the exhibition.  Visitors in the trade hall will quickly realise there is a special attraction because of the size, visibility and the consistent booth design of the innovation village.

Within in the Village, each individual company can display their brand with their own corporate booth design. In this way the innovation village attracts the visitors to these new and exciting brands, which are often overlooked at trade fairs.

The basic idea is that all participants in the Innovation Village support each other.  Participating exhibitors in the village will be selected according to their products and the relevancy with the other brands in the village. The different products being displayed should not be in competition with the others, but should compliment each other. Interested customers are encouraged to visit the next booth when entering the village. Everybody is welcome, there is no definite range of products. Our brand philosophies are our mutual interests: new, innovative and sustainable.

Combined Advertising

A good deal of advertising is needed to bring new products and labels to the attention of potential customers. We can achieve a tremendous amount together.

Advertising possibilities


– joint advertising in trade magazines

– advertising at the Trade Show

– attract Press / public relation in the Innovation Village

– invitations to existing customers

– common website, social media, flyer

In order to reach the widest range of customers possible, the innovation village develops an advertising concept. Joint advertising means shared costs and a great deal of attention for the Innovation Village and its members. Advertising at the exhibition is possible. Adverts in the Trade Press are vital.

There are mutual benefits for all Innovation Village members. Together we can generate a great number of contacts by inviting our existing customers as well as potentially interested retailers. Further information about the Innovation Village and its members is available on the collective Homepage. Each brand can provide a brief outline as well as a description of their products.

Another advantage: the Innovation Village is an interesting venue for the press – lots of new products and ideas gathered together in one place.

The Combined Exhibition Booth

The exhibition booth is the most important tool to draw the attention of customers and display the products in the best way. The booth should highlight the quality and special features of the brands.

The innovation village provides:

–  inviting and open booth design

–  top quality overall impression

–  effective lighting

–  special attractions like coffee bar….

The Innovation Village area is open with many entrances and invitingly designed, from the outside as well as in the inside. The revolving Innovation Village Logo above the stands are distinctive to attract customers and noticeable from a distance. The booth construction is classy and minimalistic.

By using effective lighting we achieve a comfortable atmosphere and highlight specific products for each label within the Innovation Village. There is a coffee bar in the middle of the Village where visitors can be introduced to the village members. The counter will be situated in such a way that every customer can see every booth.

Within the innovation village, retailers can discover new brands, and get to know them in a comfortable easy atmosphere, without having to move from booth to booth. In this way, all the exhibitors benefit from customers attracted through the other attendees.

Shared Know How

All innovation members also benefit from one another in their daily work. New contacts are developed which could be useful in the future.  Shared knowledge and experience about production, marketing and product development and much more! This can open new ways of teamwork and co-operation.

How to become a member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.